Saturday, 5 April 2008

How clean is my house?!

Today has been cleaning day. After having the windows fitted in the front of the house (including a much needed new door), David decided that some *deep cleaning* was in order. So we started on the bedroom., and I don't know whether you're like me, but once you get started, you can't stop! We did the skirting boards, moved furniture to hoover etc, etc. The we moved on to the landing and did the same there. Then stairs guest room. By this time it was midday, and so we had a break for lunch...and my batteries had run out and I couldn't muster any energy to carry on. Joseph was great - he helped with spraying the cleaner and polishing the windowsil etc.
Then we went to Fun Forest (a soft play area near to where we live). Joe loves it there, however it's always really busy at weekends and Joe's only small. There were much bigger children running about, and he was nearly knocked off his feet a few times. Ah well, as they say-what doesn't hurt him will make him stronger.
Now I'm sat with lap top on knee, watching 'I'd do anything' and watching my hubby do the ironing - he's a love!!
I thought I'd give you this card tonight. I've used a number of Do Crafts embellishments on this card, including stamps, paper made from watercolours, fabric flowers and adhesive stones. I hope you like it!

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