Saturday, 19 April 2008

It's Been a Busy Day!

Well, I've cleaned today - that's all! The whole house, from top to bottom, even under beds and wardrobes. I'm shattered, although I feel good about doing it.
Saying that, when it's all clean you don't want to do anything to mess it all up again, like have a cup of coffee because it will create washing up etc. Wierd I know!
Tomorrow, we get our little Joe back, he's been staying at grandparents this week, as I've had to work and there has been no childminder. It sounds as though he's had a whale of a time. We called him every night, and sometimes he didn't want to speak to us more than saying hello, as he was playing with Nannie Dodie! I'd rather he be like that though than us unable to leave him. To me it shows he is self assured and confident. I just can't wait to have him back though, where he belongs!

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Anonymous said...

Hiya Clare, I've done exactly the same today, in lounge changed lampshades cushions n throws and candles to spring colours (rm is black and cream wi accents!) moved all craft stuff out of old Billy upstairs to way hay hay nah nah nah nah my new crafty den - lurve it and so reclaimed dining rm and made table smaller frm 8 to 4 peeps so rm looks bigger etc. cleaned kitchen and worked hubby like a dog....with 2 flat packs for den (didn't get enough first time round!) had a huge vac n dust now just want to sort out clothes can't get into or not worn in yonks.. All ended with soak in bath and legs! Night night Nicki x