Friday, 16 May 2008

I've only gone and done it!!!

Blummin' hummas!
I've been meaning to do this for ages and have been 'umming and 'arring over the decision for what seems like ages. Anyway, thanks to the help of Katy at DO HO, and Kirsty (and I should say all the people in the DO HO office who put up with me trying out Katy's camera on them like I was part of the paparazzi) I have actually gone and done it! I had a budget (who doesn't and with Kirsty's and Katy's advice, they recommended the Canon EOS 400D. They could have said a Toy Town special edition free cracker prize camera for all I knew, but knowing how seriously they take their work/hobbies, I knew I couldn't go far wrong. And anyway they're seriously nice people so they wouldn't do that!!!

Katy seemed to be having a great time with my credit card, as she found the best deal for me on the Internet, and assisted in my purchase of the said item. then she continued to search for other things that i would simply have to have - a memory card (Kirsty and Katy got excited about the apparently cheap price of a particular memory card - don't ask me what it is, and that got also put onto my credit card. then we moved onto to look at camera straps, but I thought I would leave some excitement for another day!!!

It arrived yesterday (whilst I was at the roadshow in Coventry) and was waiting for me when I got home. It's still in the box, because, I'm afraid to say it...but I'm too nervous to get it out of the box. What if I can't work it? What if I drop and break it?.... an easy thing to do in Clare World.

Not to fear, because I am going to take the one day camera course with THE Kirsty Wiseman. I can't wait, and before you know it I'll be Davina Bailey!

maybe I'll get it out of the box tonight...just maybe!

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Katy said...

Whip it out!!!! {and the camera!)

I did indeed have a great time spending your cash! Reckon I should be on commission!