Tuesday, 24 February 2009

How Do You Eat yours?

Happy Pancake Day (Aka Shrove Tuesday)!

Well... how do you eat yours? I'm surprised Joe is not looking like a pancake with the amount he's put away today. When we arrived at school this morning, Mrs. parker was in fill cooking outfit geared up for the mass tossathon (?), and I know from further investigation that he had at least one at Angie's (his childminder). Just to make sure he had experienced fully this tradition, and so he didn't eat on his own (yeah, right!) we partook in one or two when he got home. Now I feel a bit sick.

Why do we just do this once a year? Pancakes are just the best! There's a place at Center parcs called the Pancake house, and do you know what they serve? Yeah, that's right just pancakes. Savoury and sweet. The first year we went to centerparcs David and I got 'flu, and even though we were literally dying (David was worse than me of course) I insisted that we went and had the full experience. Didn't enjoy a minute of it, but we went and that's all that matters.

So in answer to my own question, Joe and I had chocolate and strawberries, and David had golden syrup and chocolate (wierdo).

Love, Clare x


Anonymous said...

Choccy and strawberries... never tried it before! I have the good ol' lemon and sugar or golden syrup lol or possibly both! After all, it only comes once a year... Rachel xxx

amanda stokes said...

I feel sick too lol!i had one with lemon n sugar and one with chocolate yum yum i made myself a third i know i greedy lol but my eyes were bigger than my belly and i couldnt manage it lol.hugs amanda xx

Mina said...

ohhhhh they sound yummy...but I like just lemon and castor sufar...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm xxx