Tuesday, 8 April 2008

My craft paradise

I just realised that I haven't posted any pictures of my new craft studio/paradise. I just love it in here, I have my lunch in here, watch TV in here and of course craft in here. I'd get showered and sleep in here if I could! It's my little bit of paradise and I hope you like it too!

This is (obviously) my desk - the hub of the room! The idea is that I have everything to hand, but it doesn't always work out that way!I got my super comfy chair from David (my hubby) for Christmas. It's height adjustable, which is just as well for me as I'm vertically challenged.I also got the TV for my birthday, it's got a DVD player and free view, although I tend to watch Ghost Hunters and Most Haunted on you tube more that I watch the TV. My angle poise lamp has just had a dusting down from the loft. it's got a daylight lamp, and the reach of the thing is great. I used to have a portable daylight lamp, but found that the light didn't stretch far enough across my desk.

Another view of the desk from another angle. You didn't know desks could be this exciting, did you? Can you see my mug (coffee addict) matches the colour scheme. Sad, I know. Eyeore and Steamboat Willie Mickey Mouse (complete with nodding head) are also getting in on the picture. I bought the flowers from a great shop when i was visiting my bezzy friend, Sheila.

This is my neat little storage area for my Ink it up! inks. I can just take out the one I need, and when finished put it back, without having to disturb all the other colours. Isn't that clever! The drawers hold my small ink pads. I also have my heat tool switched on and ready to go for any embossing emergency, and about 18 pairs of scissors!

Now, after David and Joseph, this is the love of my life - my stamps! I just adore stamping, I could stamp all day if I could - hey, I can, but I think you'd all get a little bored of just seeing the same thing over and over again. The CD cases you can see to the right of the shelving are filled with unmounted stamps. Currently I have 77 cases filled! and when I get the time, I would like to turn some of my wood mounted stamps into unmounted ones - only so I have space for more!

Finally (Thank goodness for that, I hear you cry!) This is the nifty shelving unit I picked up from IKEA, along with boxes to match. It always looks untidy to me. Ah well, no one's perfect.I try and keep everything together, so I can find them easily, and I've also filed things along with their code so that when I'm doing instructions I can find them easily. I also have a filing cabinet to the left of the shelving unit which holds all my A4 papers and miscellaneous embellishments. To the right is a dead plant. Whoops!

Thanks for looking, I hope you've enjoyed "Through the keyhole"!

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Anonymous said...

Hiya Curdylicious it's Nicki from Sheila craft class - you know the mad one who laughed for three hours solid on your last visit! Always ask after you, congratulations on your job with Do-crafts I'm worried we may all have to chip in for your fees to visit us next time - only kidding. Seriously you are doing so well and I am pleased for you. Absolutely love the craft room it's given me the bug to nag my hubby - we have one all fitted out only the problem is - it's his! No he doesn't craft he's a PC techy man and has an astonishing amount of books.. He may let me sort it eventually at the moment I am praising ikea myself god bless Billy Book case in my dining room hee hee. Sheila showed my your picture with JJ, as a middle aged female I had to draw breath hee hee but that was overridden by the sight of Anthony on this blog what a sweetie a half decent man who likes to stick n fiddle what more could a woman want? Well I best go, hope you visit us again soon we are all very proud of you and so is your No1 bezzie mate Sheila. Big Hugs - Nicki x