Sunday, 21 December 2008

Not Long Now!

I'm more or less sorted now for Q-Day tomorrow, and now everything is sorted I'm really looking forward to it. I suppose because I've done it once before I kinda know what to expect, but it's going to be a long day tomorrow because we're setting off at 9am so arrive with lots of time for something to go wrong (so of course it won't, but now I've said that it probably will!) Sheila is coming with me to help and to provide support and a friendly face. Not that people aren't friendly at QVC, they are all incredibly welcoming and helpful, but you know what I mean. Oh dear, I'm waffling now. Must be my brain going at 1000 miles an hour.

It really would be lovely if any of you would like to call in and speak to me or send in a text (so I know someone is watching at such an hour!). I hopefully will get a print out of any texts sent in even they don't get showed, and they will be greatly appreciated, let me tell you.

Before I go and collapse in front of more crafting work, I just wanted to share this little gift that I made for my friend Dawn, ready to give her tomorrow. I got the inspiration to decorate a candle from Beckie Dreyer's blog, and thought I would put one together too. I've used BasicGrey Offbeat papers and Core'dination cardstock, which I put though my paper crimper. If you are doing this remember to cut your card a little longer than you need it, as it will shrink a tad when its crimped. How do you think I know that? Yup, cut the card strip too short first off! The wide organza ribbon is from my stash. I used my favourite paper piercing around the edge of the offbeat paper too for some decoration.

The box/bag is made from a 9 x 9 inch square of core'dinations. I divided it up into nine 3 inch squares and scored the corner squares on the diagonal. I then folded on the diagonal and straight score lines to form the box. The sides are secured with a large eyelet. The brown ribbon is from the packaging of clothes I think. The scallop punch and stamp is Stampin'up. Hopefully you can understand the way I made the box, as I'm no good at drawing illustrations on the computer, and I don't have a scanner. The box could have done to be a little bit bigger, as the candle is making it bulge a little, but it fits the purpose.

Hope you like it! Well, better get back to it! Hopefully, I'll kinda 'see' you tomorrow!

Love, Clare x


Hazel (Didos) said...

GOOD LUCK, I will be watching and cheering you on, hope it all goes well. The candle gift is stunning, it looks great Hazel xox

Jane said...

Good Luck for tomorrow, I am going to try and watch, might even e-mail in!

Jane :0)

Mina said...

I love the candle and holder...good luck for tomorrow not that you need it you were brilliant last time xxx

sharon said...

Good luck will be fab..I will be waving at you through the telly ;).x

Ali Watson said...

Fab candle Clare, well done last night you were fab. Your nails looked great too. Have a lovely day.