Friday, 23 January 2009

Demonstration at the Range, Scunthorpe, Tomorrow!

Just a quick note to let you know I have a demo tomorrow at the Range in Scunthrope! It would be great to meet you if you could make it! Love, Clare x


sharon said...

Ok...if I set off now..maybe I might make it in time...can you not come up and demo near me ? ;)

good to have you back btw.x

Kath Stewart said...

it would be great to meet you too Clare but I'm afraid Scunthorpe is just a tad too far for me.

Emma said...

Such a shame...working tomoro and Scunthorpe isn't that far from here. Was hoping to meet you at The Range in Hull at the end of the month but I saw on the last mail update that you aren't doing that one now...
Never mind will prob be able to catch one of your demo's soon.
Caught you on QVC...brilliant.
Emma x

Marcea said...

awwww come to York next time .... pleeeeeeeease, lol
Hope you had a fab day

Jane said...

You have been tagged! Details on my blog.

Jane :0)