Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Do you want to know what I've been up to this Morning?

Well, do ya? I've been having a sort out- or rather muck out, that's what and now I need my bed! I'm blummin' exhausted, although I do have that wonderful self satisfied feeling inside of me (that might have been the individual strawberry trifle I had for lunch though).

It all started yesterday when I decided I would buy me a new swish lamp for my room. My energysaver daylight lamp (bulb) which cost me £10(!) had blown after only 2 months of use, so me not a happy chuckle. I have had this happen before, so even though David had tested the lamp by sticking two prongs (commonly known by electrical engineers as a multi meter) into the lamp with it plugged into the mains (whilst I stood by covering my eyes, waiting for David to do his" Oh, dear, I'm having a pretend electric shop judder"), and it was okay - are you still following this? I couldn't pass up the opportunity of spending money with the ligitimate excuse of it being for the 'greater good of the business'.
Anyway, I managed to get a couple of normal bayonet daylight bulbs, but could I find a normal lamp that would take a 60 watt bayonet bulb anywhere - no I couldn't! Everyone I came across were with halogen or screw in ...screw in - excuse me, but when did we get transported to the 19th Century? And believe me, I tried Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury's, Next, Wickes, B & Q, Argos and T K Maxx and probably some more I can't remember and no luck. I came home downhearted, and then remembered that the daylight bulbs that I'd bought were no good as my lamp was a screw fitting too! Aaaarrrrggghhh. So please, this is an appeal if anyone knows of anywhere I can get an angle poise style lamp which will take a 60 watt bayonet bulb, I will kiss you forever!
Then this morning I have put all the things that I haven't used in my craft room into the loft. I must have moved 13 thousand craft magazines up there. Plus, folder and files, and the stuff from QVC. I have made a ribbon rack from dowling and a couple of hooks I got from IKEA for the kitched eons ago. I have also given my sewing machine that i got for xmas from my mum and dad a home too. what do you think... Looking good, Mister Chandler! (You'll only get the last bit if you watch 'Friends').Well, better get on...hope to have some cards to share soon....I'm dying to have some to share!
Love, Clare x


Sandra said...

Looks great Claire. Thanks for sharing. You've only got 13,000 magazines? I moved mine the other day and I was convinced I had 20,000. ;o)
Sandra xx

Ana Baird said...

Looks nice and tidy Claire!

pinky said...

Are you available to hire? Good job there. I have so many mags I could actually use them as a seat!

Dawn said...

Oooh all neat and tidy - looks good!

Chris said...

I totally agree with Sandra in her comment and she probably does have at least 20,000 mags, I can vouch for that LOL! Well done on the clear out and I love what you've done with your ribbons, very chic Clare. Just wanted to say thanks so much for your support and lovely comment, very, very much appreciated. Looking forward to the promised cards. Chris x

Marcea said...

Mega satisfying or what hun ...... what you say, lol, hey thats life hahahaha. A job well done - good on ya. Will keep my eye out for a lamp for ya sweet cheeks

Emma said...

Looking very tidy Mrs Curd...Lol
Did a bit of a search for a lamp but no joy...will keep a look out for you.
Emma x