Monday, 19 January 2009

Have you seen the streets of London?

Love that song, must try and find it for my blog music player. BTW, I have taken the music player off auto play, as I was told by someone that it can put people off visiting your blog, and I certainly wouldn't want to do that! If you want to listen to some music whilst visiting, scroll to the bottom and press play!

Just travelling down to London Town for tonight on QVC. I have a rehearsal at 3pm, so hopefully my train will get me there in time. I couldn't face going in the car after last times rig-ma-role, even though I have a suitcase the weight of a small elephant, no not full of clothes, but full of make up (I jest!) and an A1 portfolio case for the mount boards.

So, who knows what the next 36 hours will hold, probably me looking extremely tired as I couldn't get to sleep last night till about 12.30 and was woken by Joe at 6.15am. I'll probably be up tonight till about 2am then I have to be back at QVC at 7am. Sooo glamorous, NOT!

The other problem I have had is clothes. I have to have a few changes of clothes, partly because i don't want to look like a pikey scrubber, and because it will make me feel better, but quite frankly I don't have that many outfits fit for an appearance on TV. I mean, I'm usually justdossing around the house in a t-shirt and my fav jogger bottoms, and I don't think they would approve of that!

Another thing I wanted to mention in passing is the sad departure from this mortal coil of Tony Hart. If you didn't see the news he died yesterday at the grand old age of 83, which I know is a good age, but still. I think he was the first person that I used to watch in awe (the other person was Rolf Harris) and probably fired up my interest in all things arty and crafty - I mean, I even wrote to Jim'll Fix It! and asked to meet him and Morph. I knew Morph wasn't real (sorry to burst your bubble) but I wanted to meet that little lump of plastescine (don't know who to spell this) all the same. Never did get to do it.

Thanks for the inspriation and memories Tony,

Love, Clare x


sharon said...

helloo, just to say...have a fab time and I will prob catch the 9am show...good luck!xx

liza said...

good luck with qvc clare and im sure ur outfits will be fine ur prob just on panic mode lol i heard the news last night and like you say it is very sad i used to watch him all the time also,many moons ago and loved him. btw thankyou so much for the xmas card you sent me sorry i didnt get to send you 1 back as i didnt have ur addy until ur card arrived and that was xmas eve.

good luck again and i will be watching

love nhugs

Dawny P said...

Well good luck chick - you will be as fab as ever I'm sure and I'll keep an eye on the tv tomorra xxxx Ohh LOVE that description ie pikey scrubber lol and rofl and pmpl xxxx I was also saddened to hear about Tony Hart. Like you I used to be glued (pardon the pun) to Vision On etc. He inspired so many - far more than he probably ever realised. And he seemed such a nice guy. The world will be a little less colourful without him I'm sure xxxxx

Hazel (Didos) said...

What do you mean Morph wasn't real. I was really sad too to see Tony Hart had died. I remember watching in amazment at his creativity. Such a sad loss.
Good Luck with the shows. I hope your TSV is good as I haven't bought anything off the Craft Day on the other side so I could get yours!!! Sure you will look great Hazel xox

Diane.W. said...

Good luck with QVC,will be watching (does that scare you,lol?!) :o)x

Mina said...

Good luck for Qvc...u should have worn your jogging bottoms, most crafters dress like that anyway when their working and would have felt right at home lol...I know isnt it sad about Tony Hart, I loved his program so was him who taught me to try things you wouldnt normally think of doing...he will be sadly missed xxx

Emma (metalicbutterfly) said...

Hi Clare ,
good luck for this evening I am taping it as I am at work early tommorrow........I used to love Tony Hart too a wonderful inspiration to young children!!
worth racing home from school for!!

Emma xxx

Sharon Traynor Designs said...

I know you won't get this till you come back - but I just wanted to wish you good luck for your slots on QVC (Not that you need it - your cards and presenting skills are amazing!)
Sharon xx

tracy said...

Thats a shame I love listening to other peoples music, its really sad about Tony Hart, Brings back memories of my childhood good old and jim'll fix it.
Tracy x

Susie Sugar said...

Oh Clare you really made me laugh reading your blog tonight !! Lol
I am sure you could never look like a pikey scrubber!!! Lol great expression though I shall have to remember that one !! He he
Well good luck for tonight , I amongst a few thousand other crafty girls will be staying up to watch you and to see what crafty stash you have for us , so good luck , I'm sure you won't need it though.
I too took inspiration from the late great Tony Hart and Morph and I was sorry to hear he had past away , lets hope he has gone up to that great craft room in the sky and has a lovely view looking down on us with his paint brush and canvas at the ready !!! Bless him (and Morph !)
By the way Great blog Clare
Love Susie xx
PS What do you mean Morphs not real !!!?? lol

Max said...

Well done Clare ... saw you on TV at midnight and you didn't look like a scrubber, pikey or otherwise.
Just so happens I had to replace my rotary trimmer before Xmas as it cracked under the strain.
The replacement one isn't as good as the TSV though so have treated myself. You did great.


Dawn said...

Hi Clare
Well hope you had a great time on QVC!

sharon said...

hellooo lady in red...caught your 3pm show...very natural on camera....I will look forward to seeing you on tv again.xx

Ali Watson said...

Couldn't believe it myself. I admit to drawing a picci of an aeroplane and sending it in for the gallery. I waited months to see if it would appear never did :( he was a very talented man. Morph rocked!

Lindsay Mason said...

Hi Clare, good to see you on the box again! I know what you mean about Tony Hart - what a lovely, gentle man he was. I was lucky enough to meet him when I was a little girl and he gave me one of his drawings - sadly, the drawing got lost in the mists of time! All the best, Lindsay

Marcea said...

Hiya hun, hope you have had a good week. Been giggling at your blog, lol, and am pleased to report that you didn't even remotely resemble a pikey scrubber you will be pleased to hear!!! Thought you were fab on QVC :o) Hubby bought me a purple cow guillotine and rotary trimmer thingy for my xmas so I am already a happy bunny. Didn't realise you could get the different blades though so very handy to know!
Popped over cos you said you had left me something ..... is it a game of hide and seek??? I am gonna keep on looking, lol.
Oh, btw didn't know about Tony Hart - I am gutted, was one of my fave programmes when I was a kid