Friday, 16 January 2009


How are you all?

Can't believe I haven't been on here for so long, and feel as though I have really neglected you and blog, but I have been down at DO head office and in and out of meetings and filming video of the week.

I also found out that I will be presenting the TSV on QVC on Tuesday 20th January, so that is exciting but also hard work, we have all samples to do with less than 72 hours so do it in. All I can say is thank you to Jenny Pearce, Sheila Halliwell, and Beckie Dreyer for all the last minute help you have given.

I will be on at 12 midnight, 1am, 9am, 12 midday, 3pm, and 7pm, so if you can join me I will be on either at the beginning or the end of the hour. Goodness knows I'm a little stressed right now, so going to have a little G & T to see if that helps me wind down before bed.

Love to you all, I promise normal will resolve normal service as soon as possible!

Clare x


Unknown said...

Oh how exciting!!!!

I'll be watching :)

clare said...

WOW..clare you defo need G & T or hun you have been busy,thanks for letting us know about what times you'll be on QVC..will defo be watching and telling hubby and the kids...i know that lovely lady,and we both got the best
hope you have a less busy weekend and a lovely soon xx hugs clare xx

Becky said...

Good luck Clare, I didn't know it was TSV day, I'll be tuning in, sounds exciting!!
Love Becky xx

Ali Watson said...

Thanks for info will def be watching. Good luck, not that you need it your a natural in front of those cameras. A TSV too woooo exciting.

Carol Ann said...

G&T is sounding good! Stay calm and enjoy the day! Time permitting I hope to join in once I get home from work xx

Max said...

Oooooh ... those magic letters .... Q V C & T S V !!
Will be there at midnight for sure and may even be tempted into spending LOL! ;)


Kim Dellow said...

Have fun and looking forward to seeing you on TV :) Kim

Hazel (Didos) said...

Wow this must be really exciting, but also a big bit stressful.. Definetly requires a G&T. I'll be watching, and trying not to spend too much. LOL Hazel xo

Kath Stewart said...

oh looking forward to seeing you on QVC...will be staying up to watch the launch at midnight...matchsticks needed I fear.

Emma (metalicbutterfly) said...

Clare thats fab news no wonder you've had no time to blog you must be so busy good luck with the show!

Emma xxx

Sally said...

Good luck, or break a leg. I will be watching, sooooooooo excited about a lovely crafty TSV - altough I'm sure you are even more excited, just have fun and enjoy.
Sally. x

Helena said...

OOOh yipee for you, I will be tuning in and wishing you luck!

Mina said...

phew Clare I was beginning to worry because you hadnt been on...will watch QVC defo...good luck with it, not that you need it you were brilliant the last time xxx