Friday, 23 January 2009

It's All Over for Another Month!

(BTW, this is posted in retrospect ‘cos I’m not paying 75 pence a minute to get on t’internet at the hotel)

Monday 19th January.

I arrived at the hotel at about 1.30pm, and very nice it is too. Dressing gowns, fluffy slippers, luxury toiletries and everything. Even a coffee percolator and this impresses me a lot seeing as it flows through my veins. No milk though, just coffee whitener, and only three sachets. Stingy. Wish I’d brought my camera so I could show you, but couldn’t fit another thing into my fit-to-burst case.

Funny thing was, I checked in and went up to my room with turquoise case and A1 portfolio carrier, and sat on the sofa, jumped on the bed and generally made use of my room, then about an hour and a half later, I left the hotel again with case and portfolio carrier(Now slightly lighter as I’d unpacked my clothes and such), and I think the doorman was a tad confused. He said “but you’ve only just arrived”. When I explained I was going to work, he said “Goodness, you take a lot of work home with you!” Ha ha ha!

Got to QVC about 3pm as I was having a rehearsal for the TSV (which now of course I can tell you was the Ultimate trimmer from Purple Cows) and who was the presenter – only Charlie Brook! I was a little surprised to see him, and I’d only just seen him on t’telly down in reception, but that’s the magic of television I suppose. I had done my very first appearance with him back in September, and it brings back great memories. Especially when he said that the sparkling trims reminded him of lingerie, and I said “Ooh Charlie, you dark horse!!” It was funny at the time. I suppose you had to be there.

After the rehearsal I got a taxi back to the hotel (there isn’t a tube station near QVC, can you believe it?) and that’s when the fun started. The taxi driver (not a black cab) said do you know where the hotel is, and he TUTTED when I said no. Did I know a street – no, another tut. Now, maybe I should have known a street name, but come on, I am a visitor in a strange city, and I would have thought taxi drivers would know the hotels. Glad I checked he was a licenced taxi driver, as I would have been down to my knuckles with worry at this point. Then, get this, he rings someone and starts asking him if he knows where it is, WHILST DRIVING. All I can think is “OMG, I hope they can find someone at short notice to do the TSV, ‘cos I’m going to be on ICU at this rate”. Then, praise the Lord, I find a postcode. Not good, as then he starts to put it in the postcode WHILST DRIVING! Then he says the postcode is from the south of the Thames (where we’ve just come from), even though I knew that the hotel was on the North Bank. He kept saying, are you sure, and all I could think was “Yes, or maybe I imagined going over that bl***y bridge. Eventually he found it, and I parted with £10 for the privilege of getting lost, being tutted at, questioned and scared out of my wits. Believe me when I tell you, he didn’t get a tip.

So, I’ve had a bath, and am now sat in the aforementioned dressing gown and fluffy slippers, awaiting my moment in front of the firing squad…I mean cameras. I feel like a part of me is missing, not having Sheila with me. Just a Billy No Mates, I’ve even been talking to the telly. Need to get a grip. That’s why I’m talking to you.

So, better get my moisturiser and slap on for the grand unveiling. Hope my fishnet body stocking won’t strobe on telly (only joking, wouldn’t do that to the viewing pubic).

Funny thing to add about the midnight presentation of the TSV: Did anyone spot the look of sheer horror on my face when Sara (the presenter) started rpping off the perforated bits of the samples! I was mortified - I only had a few! Funny now, but not then.

Tuesday 20th January

Got back to the hotel last night about 2 15 am, and although I was yawning like a good ‘un in the taxi I knew I would have trouble getting to sleep. And I did. Ended up watching Jeremy Kyle, that’s how bad it got. Eventually went to sleep at about 3.15am, and then before I knew it my alarm was bleeping me into consciousness.

Arriving at QVC 7.15am is not my idea of glamour. And coupled with the fact that I had left my make up at the studios I didn’t look all that glamorous either! I just had to make sure I had my face on before I met Simon Biagi. I had been looking forward to meeting him, not least to ask him about his paranormal experiences from a show he used to present. Also I wanted to find out for sure the name of the show that he used to present about doing up a room in a house. I bet he was looking forward to the grilling!!

So, slap in place and a smile on my face (ooh that rhymes!) I met Simon and the programme was called 'Real Rooms'. Do you remember it? Apparently he did 350 shows before he hung up his golden Stanley knife. The show seemed to go very smoothly with him as presenter, he lets you say what you have to say and listens too. I'm really looking forward to working with him again (wink, wink) although I think he finds the prospect a little scary.

All the other TSV slots went well throughout the day, although I was getting more weary throughout the day and my left eye was driving me batty as it kept watering.

When Dawn finished her show at 9pm we all went back to the hotel and had a well earned drink and something to eat. Dawn and JJ very kindly treated me to a 'Strawberry bubble' concocted from Champagne and strawberry. Very Yummy!

I fell into bed at midnight, as the next day Leonie and I were going to have a couple of hours at the V & A museum before she had to go and prep for Dawns show that day. We had a gorgeous stroll through London to the museum and a good old mooch around the textiles, sculpture and and iron work. Very inspiring! That girl is sooo funny too! I had a great time.

I got home at about 7.30 pm, but nearly missed my stop on the train as I fell asleep, and only just woke up in time! What a great end to the day that would have been!

Love, Clare x


Ali Watson said...

So glad you had a wonderful time. Charlie Brooks oooooooo. Yes I saw your face PML it was funny. I already have this purple cow and I love it. The samples were fab as always. Good to have you back though. Have a lovely weekend.

Unknown said...

Guess who missed it !! :( I'm such a dork I remembered yesterday .... *groan* !!

sharon said...

OMG....try doing that in a foreign country by yourself...I'm feelin the's the "and ACTION"..puts me into melt down after you've done it..don't you feel good?
If you were didn't show by your 3pm wanted to see more of you craft..:)xx

Kim Costello said...

Wow, quite an adventure, you looked great to me and the trimmer looked fab - Too! I hope you had a wonderful time at the V&A I love that place did you see anything good?
HuGs Kim x

pinky said...

Sounds like you were working hard....NOT! I did see you on qvc, well done you. Have to say you looked very professional. Glad you had a great time along the way.

Max said...

Couldn't believe it when Sara started 'destroying' your samples right in front of you LOL!
Well done you for showing great self control and not snatching them out of her hands.
She had her fingers in everything during Becky's demonstrations too and was driving me nuts especially as she was constantly interrupting or talking over the top of what you were saying as well. I hate that!


Kim Dellow said...

Oh the glamour of being a TV personality :) Welcome to the thrills of London Taxis and taxi drivers - I think I've met that same driver :)

And I did see the horror on your face as Sara ripped through your samples and I was thinking the same thing! They won't last the day!

You did a fab job :)

katy said...

What a fabulous insight into your QVC adventure ! I did see the incident with the presenter tearing off the RSVP,lol, but you hid your horror well Clare. You did a marvelous job again..well done love xx

Dawn Wheeler said...

Top Job claire ,you were brilliant i brought 1 and can not wait for it to arrive xxx
they realy work you hard ,sounds like you are ready for a rest now xxxhugs Dawnxx

Net said...

lol sounds like you had a fab time!

I might have had to give Sarah a prod and tell her to stop ripping up your samples! I did notice by the way... ;))

Katy said...

Sounds like you had a fab time. I am jealous!! :D


tracy said...

Oh clare you are so funny, I am really glad you enjoyed your busy time lol.
Tracy x

Mina said...

You were brilliant Clare, I think I got the nerves for you lol...I thought 'oh no dont do that' when she ripped the page out sound like you had a great time but tiring...lucky you xxx

Sandra said...

Thanks for sharing your adventure with us. You did a fantastic job... it must have been a real thrill. Your samples all looked great too. Sara did seem to like the perforations!!
Well done girly.
Sandra xx

Emma said...

Pmsl...sounds like you had a right adventure. Blooming taxi drivers!!!
Emma x

Marcea said...

Call me horrid but I am laughing my socks off .... poor you, lol. What a riot, hahaha, but it all came good. I recorded the show when Sara was pulling everything off in sight if she spotted a perforated edge - I have to say she seemed almost possessed as she ripped, ripped and ripped again!! You handled it like the pro you are and all I have to say is ..... lucky moo meeting the delish Simon (tell me he is aging terribly to make me feel better, lol)
Welcome home!!

Dawn said...

Wow what an adventure - except the taxi bit EEK - I think I would have headed for the hills!!!
Sounds like you had a great time!


Emma (metalicbutterfly) said...

Hi Clare I watched the midnight show and was mortified to watch the presenter happily ripping perforated and beautiful mothers day vouchers and raffle tickets i was sat in bed with what can only be called utter amazement as she whipped of bits here and there... then did it again in another book!!!there was no stopping her lol...
show was fab by the way and all the samples (or what was left of them!) were beautiful....

Emma xxx

Becky said...

Lol! I was watching as Sara was tearing everything to pieces thinking NO!! They're for demonstration, you're ruining the samples!! I must say though I didn't see the look of horror on your face and noticed that you tore some yourself later in the day so I thought you didn't mind, I would have been crying in the corner he he!!
Love Becky xx