Sunday, 4 January 2009

A Lovely Award!

Hi Everyone!

Phew, having a break from cardmaking for a moment and thought I would come on here for a minute. Let me tell you, I need to have a clear up.There are things everywhere, and glitter, don't get on to me about glitter. Pesky stuff. I love it on projects but not all over every surface in my room. You clean it up and think you have escaped it's grasp, only to find more laughing at you! The same goes for those squares from the back of 3D foam pads. I think they're intent on sending my husband to the Loony Bin. I even found one on his back in bed one morning!

Anyhoo, the real reason for me being here is I have been honoured with another award. Thanks so much Clare (great name BTW!). Check out her blog now!

The rules of accepting this award are:-You have to give it to 5 others and link to those people as well as who gave it to you.Those 5 shall also pass it on to another 5 people. Plus you have to write down 5 things you are addicted too.

Now I've done this before, so I shall try and think of another 5 addictions...

1. My husband David and little boy Joseph (all together now - heave!!)
2. I'm quite partial to a golden syrup sandwich (no butter so the treacle soaks into the bread and goes all hard. Yum.) Can't fathom why I have 30 fillings and am 2 stone over weight!
3. Skypeing my best friend Sheila. I speak to her every day on there, sometimes for 3 hours! David is amazed that we can find that much to talk about, but mostly we're not talking to each other, just crafting together.
4. Coffee. I bet it's running through my veins.
5. buying craft mags. Every month I say to myself - that's it, no more. I never really make anything from them, I just like to look. Then the next month comes around and I end up buying every one - even if I've not liked it for the past 6 months. Well, it might have something nice in it! Must cost me a blummin' fortune!

So that's my addictions... now to the five people.

Katy - Katy's Bloggeroo
Chris - Sketching Stamper
Mrs Wonka - and her crafting factory
Alison - Ali's Stamping Heaven
Kim - Paperbabe

Thanks so much. Off to de-glitter my desk. I could be away for a considerable time. If I'm not back on here tomorrow, call the Crafting Police!

Love, Clare x


Ali Watson said...

Oh jings Clare I love reading your posts they make me giggle. My whole family walk about wearing glitter daily lol. i tell them it's there sparkling personalities shining through :) Not sure about the golden syrup sanies though yulk!

Thank you so much for the award. Have a lovely evening.

Chris said...

Ah, thanks so much for thinking of me Clare, it's much appreciated! Your sneaky peeks of the new stamps are very intriguing, they look gorgeous. You've made me laugh with breaking your resolution, never mind, it's nice to try tee hee. Also intriguing is your new Signature range, how exciting and I'm looking forward to your release day. Take care, hugs, Chris x

sharon said...

Good that you are getting through all those cards Clare!!!, well done on your award!!..I have been known to go to the post office only to find a number of foam pad backs dangling from my hair....oh well

Chris said...

OMG I am so glad someone else likes golden syrup sarnies like that!! Everyone thinks I am mad cos I like
As for coffee...craft mags and talking....we could be twins rofl
Congrats on the award :D
Chris xx

Emma said...

Congrats on your award and lol at your addictions.

That glitter other half ends up with it on his face and I wander round our house picking up the little bits of backing off the foam pads!!!

Emma x

Ana Baird said...

congratulations on the award Clare! Thanks for sharing!

katy said...

Hellooooo, thank you for the award Clare :) Mmmmmm golden syrup sarnies..sounds yummy , love Katy x

Dawny P said...

Congrats on your award Clare chick xx I'm woth you re the mags. I must subscribe to every flippin one but I like looking at the pics. And think how much more fun they'll be once I learn to read lol xxx

Ohh glitter - LOVE it, but what a pain when it gets everywhere. I did a workshop a few months ago and we have a man that turns up regularly (well why not!!). He has a beard and we had been using gold glamour dust. He went home with his beard and face twinkling and I didnt have the heart to tell him - coward that I am. I wonder what the other bods on the bus must have thought :)x

Mrs Wonka said...

Ohhhhh thank you for my award! I know what you mean! I have found glitter in places that glitter should not be!

Mrs W x