Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Let Me Know What You Think...

I have made a poll here about my blog music. Since I have stopped it playing automatically (on recommendation from a colleague), I have had a few e-mails saying it is missed.

Please let me know what you think by entering the poll.


Love, Clare x


pinky said...

I love music but as I share my work area with other people the unexpected blast of music is found to be annoying. So I have to vote off.

Marcea said...

Have voted hun - I love music but have to admit I tend to turn it off when bloghopping, especially late at night. But ..... I think you should do what you want to hun - we can either turn it on or off easily no matter what you choose. It would never stop me visiting thats for sure!

Dawn said...

Hi Clare
I have music on mine and have had loads of comments saying great music but there are those who don't like it so they can mute if they don't want to hear it....
so I'm voting yaaay!!!

debby4000 said...

Personally its your blog and if you want Music then you shouldn't be badgered to take it off.
I blog hop with the sound off preferring to listen to the radio so its not a prob for me.

Emma said...

No matter to me...on or off, its your blog so I see it as your choice.
People can soon turn the sound down..I blog hop muted!
Emma x